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  • Breakthrough wins 2014 Lipman Family Prize

    We are honored to have won the $125,000 Lipman Family Prize of the University Of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School

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  • Get on the road for a safer city!

    This International Women’s Day, ditch the auto, drop the bike, leave the car. Join hundreds of women in Delhi on the journey to a safer city. 8th March 2014, Connaught Place, 4 PM

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  • Sir Patrick Stewart shares his personal story

    Sir Patrick Stewart tells us about his personal experience with violence against women – and calls on men to join to end it.

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  • Join a Nation Against #EarlyMarriage

    Join the Breakthrough Nation Against Early Marriage, and help foster the rights, lives, and futures of girls and women.

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  • #BeThatGuy

    #BeThatGuy: speak up and take action when you see someone harassing a woman or being violent. Because hands are for beer and high fives.

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america 2049
Homeland Gitmos
You change America, before it changes you. play now Immigrant teen vs. immigration system: can anyone win? visit Go undercover to find the truth about immigrant detention. visit

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