Kenneth Sooter


Location: Texas, United States

Occupation: teacher

Tags: , , , ,

I promise to ring the bell by:

Teaching my sons to respect women and to stand up to those that don’t.

Kenneth’s inspiration behind making a promise to Ring the Bell:

“A friend of mine brought the website to my attention and it was her passion around this issue that made me aware of the petition. From a father’s stand point, I want my two boys to grow up and know that they should speak up and step up to help stop violence against women. As grey as this world can be at times, there are certain things that are black and white. Violence against women is one of those issues; there is no grey area here. My boys (Tiger and Reese) have a little sister (Madison, she’s my princess) and part of being a big brother is watching out for their sister. It’s something I want instilled in them from an early age.”

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