P. J. Lowry


Location: Canada

Occupation: Writer

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I promise to ring the bell by:

teaching my sons as well as other boys and men in my country to respect life and that violence against anyone, especially women, is wrong.

Peter’s inspiration behind making a promise to Ring the Bell:

“The reason why I made my pledge was not only for my children but also because of my past. When I was growing up, I was a victim of physical abuse. There were times when I was very young when I was beaten with a leather belt and even with someone’s fists when one wasn’t available. I was led to believe that I had deserved the beatings I was getting because I had done something very bad and that the punishment fit the crime.

Today I understand that there is nothing I could have done that warranted those actions that are today considered by the authorities to be criminal acts. I’ve spent the last year or so coming to terms with how I was abused as a child and while I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t the easiest child to raise… there no excuse for any parent to exhibit that kind of violence towards a child, none what so ever.

This is the reason why I made my pledge; violence towards anyone, especially women and children, is wrong. The cycle of violence in my family ends with me. My sons will grow up free from any aggression as I’ve done my best to be the parent I wish I had growing up. One who will talk to them to work issues out like rational adults rather than let anger and violence scar them for life.

Violence is never the answer. We are capable of being better than this. This is my pledge, to be the change I want to see in others and to show my kids that violence is never necessary in order to instill discipline and properly raise a child.

We can do better. We must.”

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