Location: India

Occupation: Doctor To Stop Violence Against Women, A women should become true friend of the other women first and not only this, but a women should try to understand the pain, feelings of the other women. They should stop encouraging the opposite sex to do wrong things with other females. If the society wants to stop voilence against women completely tthen first they should change themselves and to make changes in our law, because in our society their is one sided law the result is every where any one can see many womens taking the advantage of “ONE SIDED” biased law and making the life hell for simple families.

shaista aaqib


Location: Pakistan

Occupation: trainer

arranging workshop on media shown violence at my work place for awareness

Carl F Gilmore

Location: Illinois, United States

Occupation: Education

raising my boys, in partnership with their mother and our families, to respect and honor all people regardless of gender or orientation …