Albert Okolie

Location: Nigeria

Occupation: pilot

Teaching young men to refrain from any form of violence/abuse directed towards women for whatever reason

Sharon D’Agostino

Location: New Jersey, United States

Adding my voice to advocate for an END to violence against women & girls and to reach out to help those I believe May need my help.

Gert Danielsen


Location: Norway

Occupation: Democratic Governance Specialist, UNDP

standing up and speaking out against #violence against women and men, also encouraging new roles for men and less societal pressure

Nilesh Vasave

Location: India

Occupation: Software Consultant

helping via NGOs and authorities to stop violence against women and raising awareness and supporting girls education in India and around.

José David Rueda


Location: Colombia

Occupation: Estudiante

Luchar contra el maltrato y abusos vistos en el diaro vivir, para sembrar un mejor mundo de más caballeros y menos agresores.

Mutasim Mohammed


Location: Sudan

Occupation: Rule of Law Officer

continue raising the awareness for communities and support women groups to combat violence against women and target men ,community leaders.

Bimolata Wangkheimayum

Location: India

Encouraging my community to educate men to stop violence against women

Peter Aura Makanda

Location: Kenya

Occupation: Operations Specialist

contributing every year towards the education of at least two talented girls in my community to enable them excel in their academic pursuits

Curtis Hendricks

Location: Jamaica

Occupation: Info. Systems Officer

Holding all my friends, male and female, accountable for any comment, even in jest, that condones violence against women

Kristi Motley


Location: Canada

Occupation: Victim Services

by listening to and supporting women and children living with domestic violence everyday.