Sam J Poulton

Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: Headteacher

Bringing up my son and the boys I teach to know that physical strength requires the mental strength to control anger and avoid violence

Gregory Gaskill

Location: Nevada, United States

Occupation: Teacher

Teaching my boys and my students that domestic violence is never the answer and to help others whenever they can.

Craig Davidson


Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: I.T. specialist

Educate my own son and everyone so they know right from wrong and to always control aggression . No one deserves to go through those

Brent Seehafer

Location: Illinois, United States

raising two wonderful boys with the idea that violence against women is unforgivable and to teach the same to others.

Alesha Workman


Location: Wisconsin, United States

Occupation: Reatail Packaging

introducing a program called Coaching Boys Into Men to the local schools in the area. And by talking to my 16 year old son.

Ryk McIntyre

Location: Rhode Island, United States

Occupation: Writer, Father

Identifying, naming and calling out privilege of all kinds, in myself and others. I will also stand for the rights of the marginalized.

Charlie Clarke


Location: Ireland

Occupation: Seller Support Associate

Always cherishing my wife and daughter and all females that I know in my life. I will defend and help any woman or girl in difficulty

Chris Dockins

Location: Virginia, United States

talking with my sons and being an example so they know all women deserve respect and violence against them is never an option.

Peter G LaBonte

Location: New York, United States

Making sure both my son and I use words and patience in our relationships with women.

Christopher Barnes

Location: Virginia, United States

Occupation: Student

Protecting women in any way possible and be sure to teach my sons to truly love and respect women the way they deserve