Location: Montana, United States

Occupation: RETIRED


Bill Bledsaw

Location: Illinois, United States

Occupation: Retired

Continuing To Oppose Violence Against Women And Voting Women Into Government.

Larry Cohen

Location: Texas, United States

Occupation: Retired military

Ensuring all the women in my life know they are loved and special.

Warren Taylor

Location: California, United States

Occupation: Retired

Being the best husband I can be.

Marion Friedenthal


Location: South Africa

Occupation: Retiree

Never standing by when I can do something, anything, to stop violence being perpetrated in my presence or near vicinity.

David W. Billharz

Location: Nevada, United States

Occupation: Physician, retired

Contributing monthly to Reggie Littlejohn’s ” Women’s Rights Without Frontiers”.

Alfred L Newman

Location: Maine, United States

Occupation: retired teacher

I promise to respect all humans, to eschew hate, and to stand against violence.

Glenda Pate

Location: Oklahoma, United States

Occupation: Retired

I promise to network with friends, family and acquaintances to help stop bullying and violence against women & children.

Lee Oberg

Location: Alabama, United States

Occupation: retired

modeling decent behavior and expecting other men and boys to do so. I will interfere when I hear or see violence against women or children.

Peter Macdonald

Location: Tennessee, United States

Occupation: Retired judge

Completing a project that I have just begun to engage men and boys to respect and honor women and girls making Nashville the safest in USA