Aisha Pandor

Location: South Africa

Occupation: Geneticist and management consultant

Joining organisations that act to prevent violence against women and children, speaking out against this scourge myself whenever I can

Sean Geoghegan

Location: Australia

Occupation: Medical Physicist

not tolerating prejudiced behaviour and demanding of myself and others respect for all and their autonomy where behaviours don’t harm others

Rider Barnum


Location: Louisiana, United States

Occupation: Phd Chemist

Challenge friends who disrespect women or girls, as I have always done and will continue to encourage others to do.

Dr. Hans Bertsch


Location: California, United States

Occupation: Marine Biologist

speaking against anyone I see who disrespects women or girls, my wife, daughters, or granddaughter.

Steven Vukcevich


Location: Arizona, United States

Occupation: Student/Bookseller/Scientist

Researching society and educating others, all based on the promotion of equality, empathy, and coexistence.

Elihu H. Levine

Location: Kentucky, United States

Occupation: Biologist

Teaching any children who look to me as a role model that all humans are created equal- and deserve respect above all.

Eddie G Williams IV


Location: Georgia, United States

Occupation: Lab Tech

Talking to other men. Attending events. Teach children.

Lee M. Graves

Location: North Carolina, United States

Occupation: Assoc Professor

Teaching and education. Providing opportunities for women to obtain high quality jobs. Science outreach programs.

David Norris

Location: Washington, United States

Occupation: Scientist

Teach kids that strong men respect women—and walk the talk. Challenge friends or Internet commenters who disrespect women or girls.

Rodrigo Donadi


Location: Mexico

Occupation: conservation biologist

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