Samuel Gau


Location: Pennsylvania, United States

Occupation: Student

encouraging others to stand up for the rights of all people regardless of gender, race, religion, or creed.

Calista ukwuoma

Location: Ohio, United States

Occupation: student

In all my actions and dealings, I create every opportunity to encourage men to treat women with equal respect. Every form of abuse is not ac

Khuhro Awais


Location: Pakistan

Occupation: Student

that I will encourage women of my country to firmly stand against those who violate your basic rights while doing DISCRIMINATIONS.

Gurdeep Aulakh

Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: student

continuously challenging people by changing their thoughts, and spreading the word of what is wrong, and to help women who suffer from abuse

José David Rueda


Location: Colombia

Occupation: Estudiante

Luchar contra el maltrato y abusos vistos en el diaro vivir, para sembrar un mejor mundo de más caballeros y menos agresores.

Francisco Millà i Martínez


Location: Spain

Occupation: Sociology student

Honrar a mi madre denunciando la opresión de la patriarquía y las distintas formas de maltrato físico, emocional, cultural e institutcional.

Tirthraj Maniram


Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: Student

I promise to ring the bell by: conquering my fear and pain rather than letting it rule me.

Miriam Bland

Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: student

teaching my son that domestic abuse is not acceptable

Rajat Jain


Location: India

Occupation: student

awearing myself as well as evry1 around me to ring the bell. .as IT COSTS NOTHING

Manideep Lanka

Location: India

Occupation: sstudent

bringing awareness about violence against women among my friends and relatives