Dr Elizabeth Evenden


Location: Massachusetts, United States

Occupation: University Lecturer

providing students with the skills to articulate their rights when they take stand against gender inequality & violence within our society.

Eric Anderson


Location: New York, United States

Teach kids who look up to me that strong men respect women—and walk the talk; and, challenge those who disrespect women or girls;

Moises Venancio

Location: New York, United States

Occupation: UN staff

Teach kids who look up to me that strong men respect women—and walk the talk.

Vitalie Vremis

Location: Croatia

promoting zero tolerance of violence against women around me

Bimolata Wangkheimayum

Location: India

Encouraging my community to educate men to stop violence against women

Francisco Millà i Martínez


Location: Spain

Occupation: Sociology student

Honrar a mi madre denunciando la opresión de la patriarquía y las distintas formas de maltrato físico, emocional, cultural e institutcional.

Jordan Ryan


Location: New York, United States

Occupation: Assistant Administrator for the United Nations Development Programme and Director of the Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery.

helping end the discrimination against women that leads to violence and insecurity around the world.

MosidiLulu Moraka


Location: South Africa

Occupation: Program Manager

Contribute towards exposing partriachy in our communities and in the long-term, end Domestic Violence “one family at a time”.

Angela Barbosa

Location: Alabama, United States

raising my daughter to be a healthy, confident woman who tolerates nothing less than being respected and honored by any man in her life.

Kimberly Tipton

Location: Indiana, United States

Occupation: Education Specialist/Sexual Assault Advocate

Educating teens on healthy vs. unhealthy relationships.