Joseph LaBelle


Location: Washington, United States

Teaching my daughter how to have the strength to never accept abuse and by speaking out at every opportunity against domestic violence.

Jony Hunter

Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: administrator

challenging men prejudice against women.

Aaron M. Wilkerson


Location: Ohio, United States

raising consciousness about toxic masculinity in our culture and being an example to other men that we don’t have to perpetuate the cycle.



Location: Texas, United States

Occupation: Waitress

By staying strong, and spreading education and awareness. And never allowing anyone to treat me like that again.


Location: New York, United States

by speaking up against injustice, unfairness and prejudices against victims and convincing people around me to do the same.

chandni shah

Location: India

Occupation: Student

doing whatever that is possible and whatever that is in my hands to bring about equality among the try my best to make it possible

ecra cybil


Location: Pakistan

Occupation: student

spreading my ideas my school of thoughts on the society issues ,problems and crisis ans specially on women rights through different ways….

Saswati Banerjee

Location: India

Occupation: service

I promise to fight against the women harassment in work place in India.



Location: India

Occupation: Self-employed

making people believe that women are human beings too.

Lucia Molina Pflaum


Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: Media student

Using all the skills I have to help create a world where all men and women live equal.