Robert Raymond Askintowicz


Location: New York, United States

Occupation: Television Producer

teaching that violence against women is learned. The solution isn’t to teach women to preempt their victimization, but to educate men.

Paul Blake

Location: United Kingdom

Teach my children that the misogyny rampant in the music they listen to is disrespectful towards women and not how real men behave.

Breno Espósito

Location: Brazil

Occupation: Professor

never stop to talk about the absurdities committed against women.

William Ligon-Bruno

Location: Washington, United States

Occupation: Student

I promise to challenge friends and peers who disrespect women or girls and be a presence and a force in ending violence against them.

James D. Stewart

Location: Kansas, United States

Occupation: U.S. ARMY

I promise to teach kids and adult men to respect women. Even I grew up with my step-dad beating my mom, I hate to see a man hitting a woman.

Aaron Pape

Location: Colorado, United States

Occupation: Sourcing Manager

Never, ever be like my father and take out my insecurities on another human being, whether man, woman, or child.

Hugo Vaillancourt

Location: Canada

Occupation: Sex Educator

remembering the privileges I have as a man and being humble enough to recognize I can say dumb things about sexism, feminism, or women.

Jack Houser

Location: Pennsylvania, United States

Occupation: Writer

teaching my boys to become wise, compassionate, respectful men who use their minds & words to solve problems, the way my parents taught me.

Carl F Gilmore

Location: Illinois, United States

Occupation: Education

raising my boys, in partnership with their mother and our families, to respect and honor all people regardless of gender or orientation …

Graham Crispin

Location: North Carolina, United States

Paying attention to the fear that women have that precedes the possibility of violence.