Preston Everett Jurinak

Location: Utah, United States

Occupation: Student

Continuing my role in teaching my children acceptable behavior towards their families. By continuing to support anyone who needs this help.

Cindy Sinsap

Location: Thailand

Occupation: teacher

participating in the Bangkok Rising and UN UNITE campaigns on violence against women and girls. We will spread the word against violence!

Kimberly Tipton

Location: Indiana, United States

Occupation: Education Specialist/Sexual Assault Advocate

Educating teens on healthy vs. unhealthy relationships.

Stephen James Minton

Location: Ireland

Occupation: University lecturer

continuing in my professional work, which concerns the prevention of and dealing with bullying and violence in schools and communities.

Andrew Hauptman


Location: Florida, United States

Occupation: Retired Teacher

Being guarding against misogyny in myself and others, and setting a good example for young boys and men to follow.

Xiomara Lopez

Location: Puerto Rico

Occupation: Educator

sharing with all my friends in FB and speak against any form of abuse.

Sam J Poulton

Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: Headteacher

Bringing up my son and the boys I teach to know that physical strength requires the mental strength to control anger and avoid violence

Rukhsana Nazir

Location: Pakistan

Occupation: Teaching

I promise to ring the bell in all my classes & help to heal the sufferers by creating awareness against # VAW.I will add voice to RB.

John Ortiz

Location: Philippines

spreading information to end violence against women. I’ll continue to be the voice & educate people to respect women. Lets put an end to it!