michael jascz

Location: New York, United States

Occupation: relationship education

Teaching high school students respect and understanding for everyone everywhere by implementing Nonviolent Communication in their curriculum

Jason Fishel

Location: Arkansas, United States

Occupation: Professor

stopping domestic violence whenever I encounter it and to promote others to do the same. Domestic violence harms everyone.



Location: Colombia

Occupation: SOCIÒLOGO

formando docentes y funcionarios sobre sus responsabilidades frente a la violencia en contra de la mujer

George Philis


Location: Cyprus

Occupation: International Educator

telling little girls THEY can decide what they want to be when they grow up!

Dr Elizabeth Evenden


Location: Massachusetts, United States

Occupation: University Lecturer

providing students with the skills to articulate their rights when they take stand against gender inequality & violence within our society.

Mustafa Anlar


Location: Cyprus

Occupation: Retired teacher

encouraging women to stand up against violence and by reminding men that violence against women or against any living creature is unhumanely

Conrad Rogers

Location: Canada

Occupation: Teacher

educating my children and my students about respect and equality for women.


Location: Trinidad and Tobago

Occupation: University Professor Social Work

Raising awareness of everyone I encounter today about the need to end violence against women and families

Gregory Gaskill

Location: Nevada, United States

Occupation: Teacher

Teaching my boys and my students that domestic violence is never the answer and to help others whenever they can.