Carla Singer


Location: Germany

keep on fighting for a world without violence and helping to make it a safe place for everyone, no matter of gender, nationality or religion

Oliver Wittershagen


Location: Germany

Never accepting any disrespectful behavior against women wherever I witness it.

Asha Balakrishnan

Location: Germany

Encouraging my colleagues, friends and family to stand up against violence and discrimination of women.


Location: Germany

Abusive action on women and men of every kind: ethinicity, nation, religion and sexuality.

Dr. Celeste Fabrie


Location: Germany

Occupation: Psychologist

Educating company directors to stop their abuse of female employees.

John McCann


Location: Germany

Spreading respect for all people through thought, word and deed

Hans-Peter Müller

Location: Germany

Stop and do my best to assist when I see someone who needs help in my community.

Bob King

Location: Germany

Occupation: Teacher

Educating my students about the self-destructiveness that can occur with the violence toward and subjugation of women.

Patrick Voigtmann

Location: Germany

Occupation: Engineer

standing up for what I feel is right: equality and love between all us divine beings

Lothar Schwarz


Location: Germany

Occupation: electronics engineer

I promise to help end #violence against women