Bibi Jandoo


Location: Ireland

Occupation: Advocacy worker

Identify women and children at risk.Early intervention & prevention strategies to reduce D Violence and strengthen Justice System respond.

Stephen James Minton

Location: Ireland

Occupation: Psychologist

continuing to work against bullying, violence and prejudice in my professional capacity, and in any personal capacity I can, too.

Lee M. Graves

Location: North Carolina, United States

Occupation: Assoc Professor

Teaching and education. Providing opportunities for women to obtain high quality jobs. Science outreach programs.

Sambit Behera

Location: California, United States

Occupation: Founder

giving equal opportunity for employment to women both at my firm as well as on my board.

Banka Manneh

Location: Georgia, United States

Work hard to put more women in the decision making positions in both government and business.