Marcel Petit

Location: Netherlands

Occupation: Student

Showing people around me that severe inequality starts with ‘harmless jokes’.

Leonard Statz

Location: Canada

Occupation: lawyer

Challenging men to speak out against violence against women and to remove from their lexicon words and phrases that perpetuate subjugation

Massimo Diana

Location: Nepal

Occupation: Development practitioner

Never turning the other way when I realize abuse, including verbal, is taking place. Yes, I will interfere if necessary and teach g.son too

Edward Lafleur

Location: Canada

Occupation: transit driver

calling people on putdowns using “woman” or “fag” or calling something or someone “gay”

Joella J Brooks


Location: Oregon, United States

Occupation: disabled

Teach kids who look up to me that strong men respect women—and walk the talk. Challenge friends or internet commenters who disrespect women.

Dmitri C. Westbrook


Location: Illinois, United States

Occupation: Graduate Student

Continuing to debunk stereotypes of men. I am a student leader ending violence against women and other systems of oppression.

Nicolas Carra


Location: New York, United States

Occupation: Student

Fighting against patriarchy, misogyny and objectification of women first on myself so later on I can encourage other men to do the same

Kylie Traill


Location: Australia

Occupation: family day care worker

speaking up when people disparage women, or question what ‘she did’ to perpetuate violence or feelings of anger in someone else.

Nicholas Wood

Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: Postman

Challenging abusive language and attitudes towards women and girls.

Catherine Drumheller


Location: Colorado, United States

Occupation: Environmental Scientist

Intervening in instances of violence and by standing up against violent language be that in the form of jokes or general conversation.