Wanjala Wafula


Location: Kenya

Occupation: Journalist

To end all forms of violence against women and girls in Kenya by targeting and working with men, boys and communities

Kathleen Brown

Location: Florida, United States

Occupation: author, photographer

Being a living light of example for peacefulness with my talents, time, action, words, and dollars – in my everyday, lifestyle.

Imroz Noor

Location: India

Occupation: freelance journalist

by informing police as well as media and social workers.

Rachel Meyrick


Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: film maker

making a film about how US courts are favouring the abuser over the battered mother in child custody cases.PLEASE HELP http://kck.st/14CN05

Ryk McIntyre

Location: Rhode Island, United States

Occupation: Writer, Father

Identifying, naming and calling out privilege of all kinds, in myself and others. I will also stand for the rights of the marginalized.

Is’haq Bhat


Location: India

Occupation: Journalist

Utilizing all my media skills and mediums to become their voices, who dreads to speak out?

Avani Deshpande


Location: India

Occupation: Ast. Creative Director

speaking for self, I will speak aloud about physical abuse in relationships. Having quit on it myself promise to make others aware and armed

Rick Kowal

Location: Washington, United States

Occupation: Producer

living my life as an example of active respect and to teach my son and daughter the importance of doing the same.

Gregory Lovvorn


Location: Philippines

Occupation: Writer

Spreading the word about VAW through my blogs, web articles, and social media outlets. I will become one more voice in this campaign.

Matthew Scales


Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: Carer/author

Including experiences of my wife in my novels.