Michael Simkins

Location: Oregon, United States

Occupation: military

raising my daughters to understand that violence is never acceptable in relationships or in friendships.

Stephen G. Neal


Location: Illinois, United States

Occupation: USMC (ret)

… by being a man of integrity and leading by example. Politicians and newspapers have been contacted about domestic violence in my county.

Christopher Godt

Location: California, United States

Occupation: Military

teaching my children to respect women, and to act to prevent violence or disrespectful behavior to women of all ages.

John Goodson

Location: California, United States

Occupation: military

Challenge friends or internet commenters who disrespect women or girls.

Mark Alexander Jr.

Location: Texas, United States

Occupation: Retired Military

I promise to teach my Sons, support the compaign, and help to end violence against Women.

Nathan Ayala

Location: Colorado, United States


setting the example for the men around me and standing up for women who I suspect may be in a violent relationship

Ron Bernard

Location: Wisconsin, United States

Occupation: retired Navy

Not being violent against women. Or children. Or other men. Or animals, the planet, science, or spiritual beliefs. But I still hate cancer.

Joseph Sutliff


Location: Arkansas, United States

Occupation: Soldier

Being a strong role model for the kids in my family and other men for that matter.

M. D.

Location: Texas, United States

Occupation: US Marine

challenging friends or co-workers who make disrespectful comments about women.

SFC Stanley Quinn


Location: Armed Forces Europe, United States

Occupation: Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

Continuing to educate, prevent, and stop domestic abuse and sexual assualt against women.