bidyadhar moharana

Location: India

Occupation: social service

as a social worker , i am always going on right path and i also creat a awarness about domestic vaolence .

Neil Ghosh


Location: Maryland, United States

Occupation: Executive Director, SNV USA

by speaking out against violence against women also help increase awareness of this very important issue among our future generation.



Location: Ohio, United States

& Panna, promise to take more actions to create awareness of pepper spray thru our product Nirbhay Spray, we started for social cause

nicolas douillet

Location: New York, United States

Occupation: Communication specialist

sharing as much information as I can about how harmful violence against women is for everyone.

Mridul Verma

Location: India

Occupation: student

violence is like a tree. if we want to distroy completly then we should have also distroy its root. educate the women of village and end violence from low level to high level then we completly end it.

Rajiv Chopra

Location: India

teaching my kids about this, and helping friends and people who are the subject of such abuse. I shall support this initiative

Rachit Goel

Location: India

Occupation: TQA

Respecting all the women in my life and teaching men I know the same.

Viola Okolie

Location: Nigeria

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Spreading the word that VAW limits individuals and societies.



Location: New York, United States

Occupation: Social Work Student

Raising awareness of the prevalence of violence against women and educating people about the effects of gender inequality.

Nilesh Vasave

Location: India

Occupation: Software Consultant

helping via NGOs and authorities to stop violence against women and raising awareness and supporting girls education in India and around.