Fabiola Martinez


Location: California, United States

Occupation: Human Rights

helping every women to recognize they are valuable human beings, worth enough to understand that they must be respected as women.

Sean Bamber

Location: Malta

Occupation: Student

Encouraging all my friends and colleagues to stand up against harassment and supporting victims.

Asha Balakrishnan

Location: Germany

Encouraging my colleagues, friends and family to stand up against violence and discrimination of women.

Dr Elizabeth Evenden


Location: Massachusetts, United States

Occupation: University Lecturer

providing students with the skills to articulate their rights when they take stand against gender inequality & violence within our society.

Kumaran Nadesan

Location: Canada

Occupation: Civil Servant

Educate myself about the impact of violence against women.

Rodolfo Alonday

Location: Alabama, United States

Occupation: UN Staff

Educate myself and share about the impact of violence against women.

Gurdeep Aulakh

Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: student

continuously challenging people by changing their thoughts, and spreading the word of what is wrong, and to help women who suffer from abuse

Timothy Doherty

Location: Colorado, United States

spreading the word to my peers and teaching our young that violence against women is NEVER acceptable.


Location: Trinidad and Tobago

Occupation: University Professor Social Work

Raising awareness of everyone I encounter today about the need to end violence against women and families

Peter Liciaga


Location: New Jersey, United States

Occupation: Youth Motivational Speaker and martial arts educator

Standing up against sexual violence, education on the topic and sharing the knowledge / information with students, teachers and colleagues.