Gary heng

Location: Malaysia

Occupation: social worker

by supporting the cause of ending violence against women

Peter Liciaga


Location: New Jersey, United States

Occupation: Youth Motivational Speaker and martial arts educator

Standing up against sexual violence, education on the topic and sharing the knowledge / information with students, teachers and colleagues.

Kristi Motley


Location: Canada

Occupation: Victim Services

by listening to and supporting women and children living with domestic violence everyday.

Joshua Chiamba


Location: Cameroon

Occupation: Social worker

Supporting orphans and vulnerable children in our community by helping other through volunteerism within RUDEC projects

Harriet Kamashanyu


Location: Uganda

Occupation: Social worker

By standing up for the most marginalized girls and women in Uganda- Sex workers

Pierre Shantz


Location: Canada

Occupation: Human Rights

I am working to have violence against women become a hate crime such as violence people of color or people from the LGTBQ community.

lisa-Marie O’Shea


Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: support worker

Never stopping to shout loud against domestic violence..i was abused for 13yrs. my husband is a liar but i Will shout the truth.

Annette Hume


Location: Maine, United States

Occupation: Social Worker

Remembering that violence is never a choice that a man should make.

Bibi Jandoo


Location: Ireland

Occupation: Advocacy worker

Identify women and children at risk.Early intervention & prevention strategies to reduce D Violence and strengthen Justice System respond.

Nevin Rao


Location: New York, United States

Occupation: HIV Case Manager

challenging male supremacy amongst gay and bisexual men.