Ed Campbell

Location: Pennsylvania, United States

Occupation: Social Services

I promise to ring the bell by challenging friends, family and co-workers to speak out against violence towards women.

Joyce EMAI


Location: Uganda

Occupation: Social worker

Spreading awareness and to lead by example to end violence against women and girls.

Sophie Hooper-Dykhuizen

Location: Canada

Occupation: Child & Youth Worker

Using my role as a children and youth worker to educate about equality for all.

Raymond C Facundo

Location: Delaware, United States

Occupation: Social Worker

empowering women to fight back against a system that keeps them down, and to teach my children that ALL humans deserve respect.

Vic Lundrigan

Location: Canada

Occupation: Social Worker

Speaking out about violence towards women whenever an opportunity to do so presents itself.

Andre Tischer

Location: Finland

Occupation: Social Worker

Teach kids who look up to me that strong men respect women—and walk the talk. Challenge friends or internet commenters who disrespect women

Judy Barr

Location: Michigan, United States

Occupation: social work

April 1, 2013

Jamison Myers

Location: Michigan, United States

Occupation: social work student

not just being a good man and a good example but by calling out disrespect to women when I see it and not turning a blind eye to oppression.

Donna Smith

Location: Alabama, United States

Occupation: Licensed Social Worker

working to empower women to love themselves and helping women to grow through what ever challenges they may face.

Tom Hill

Location: North Carolina, United States

Occupation: Social Worker

Calling out fellow men who indicate through their words or actions that they look down on and could abuse girls and women