Christina Andersson


Location: Sweden

Occupation: ambassador for Hope for the Needy Programme

Spreading the world by facebook because it is so important to continue fighting against bullying and all other violence!

Mikael Petersson

Location: Sweden

Occupation: Front-End Developer

Raying it forward, not looking the other way and influencing others as much as I can to treat women with respect.

Hans Berg


Location: Sweden

Occupation: Hobo scientist in Microbiology and genetics.

Teaching my children and all I meet the values of all peoples equal worth and their right to exist without violence. That´s 24/7.. Hans’ inspiration behind making a promise to Ring the Bell: “I pledge to never bear a hand on a woman. I have never done.. I am an athlete (exswimmer and was captain of the Swedish national team. Big and strong, and that made me safe from the bullies at school. I avoided all physical violence although I have been slapped more than once by my exes. There are women who physically abuse men, I have been there, but I always refuse to sink as low as violence. I´ve stopped the mother of my child from trying to raise my son with a fist and degradation. And I´ve been slapped many times by my mother, who died Dec. 2012. I still love her. I understand that I was a hard child to cope with, but violence is never the answer. I Love the Ring the Bell initiative.”

Jonathan Nilsson

Location: Sweden

Occupation: self-employed

Helping my sister and my friends raise their kids in such way that they learn, Violence is NOT EVER the answer to any problem.

Janne Nordstedt


Location: Sweden

Occupation: Senior Advisor SRHR

To continue my work for comprehensive sexuality edu., gender equality & LGBTI-rights. And against all forms of discrimination & violence!

Martin Lysén

Location: Sweden

Occupation: Teacher

By engaging people around me in discussion of gender roles and equality. By calling people on bullshit in these areas.

Eduardo Mitchell


Location: Sweden

Occupation: IT consultant

Challenge disrespectful comments on women on the Internet – or live. Teach kids in my vicinity that women/girls are as good as men

Chris Banks


Location: Sweden

Occupation: CFO

Pushing for men to learn how to treat women with respect and kindness.

Fredrik Hultin

Location: Sweden

Occupation: programmer

I will treat women with respect and as equals, both at work and in my private life.

Björn Larsson


Location: Sweden

Occupation: CEO The ForeSight Group

Supporting Breakthrough and Mallika