Oliver Wittershagen


Location: Germany

Never accepting any disrespectful behavior against women wherever I witness it.

Veaceslav Palade


Location: Moldova

Occupation: PA

Educate myself and share about the impact of violence against women and support partners committed to women’s rights and equality.

Omar Siddique

Location: Thailand

Promoting city authorities to make urban spaces and systems safer for women and girls

Ferdinand Strobel


Location: Fiji

Occupation: Programme specialist (Health & Development)

Influence my peers and teach kids who look up to me that strong men respect women—and walk the talk

Geoffrey Prewitt


Location: Egypt

Occupation: United Nations

Continuing to refute any form of harassment/violence against women and illustrating that the world is a better place with equality for all.

Dr.Gilbert Hiawalyer

Location: Papua New Guinea

Occupation: MD

I promise to Ring the Bell to push for prevention of gender based violence and push for gender equality in my work environment.

Gert Danielsen


Location: Norway

Occupation: Democratic Governance Specialist, UNDP

standing up and speaking out against #violence against women and men, also encouraging new roles for men and less societal pressure

Victoria Nwogu


Location: Somalia

Occupation: UN Staff

teaching my sons that boys and girls are equally important; and to be respectful, considerate and tolerant to everyone – male or female.

Thibault Devanlay

Location: New York, United States

Occupation: Diplomat

Continuing to defend a gender perspective and gender mainstreaming in the work of the United Nations, so as to commit governments

Pelle Lutken


Location: New York, United States

standing up for women’s security as an inalienable universal right irrespective of circumstance, culture, age or tradition.