Wagner do Valle


Location: Brazil

Occupation: Radialista

Combater a violência contra a mulher, através meu trabalho de radialista.

Robert D Boyd Jr.


Location: Arizona, United States

Occupation: AUTHOR

Never Hit A Woman is about Domestic Violence and Abuse… NO EXCUSES!!! This book discusses the different types of abuse and how to recogniz

Eric Wright


Location: Tennessee, United States

Occupation: Cook/Musician

doing everything in my power to empower victims of anger and abuse. By standing with those who feel alone.

Pablo Nieves

Location: Puerto Rico

Occupation: Muiscian

Spreading awareness to respect women and ready to help women fight against violence.

Nomiki Kokkinidis


Location: Australia

Occupation: Nomiki's Angelic Creations owner and donor

Helping Assist a Sista an non-profit, run by volunteers group that help assist women and children coming out of violent relationships

Ray Battams


Location: Canada

Occupation: barista/storyteller

telling people every 911 that more people die from domestic violence every year than in the attacks of 911. My aunt was murdered on 911 1985

Kalpanaa Misra


Location: India

Occupation: writer

writing, blogging, tweeting, talking, demonstrating against gender discrimination, rape and VAW.

Mauricio Colmenares


Location: Colombia

Occupation: artista plástico

Spread message no to violence against women, of respect, love and peace.

Edward Pollitt

Edward Pollitt

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Occupation: Graphic Designer

being eternally vigilant in looking out for people at risk of violence against women.

Rob DuBois


Location: District of Columbia, United States

Occupation: Speaker, Author of

using my platform to continue educating–especially for young men–on the power of dignity & the destruction of degradation.