Simon Watkins


Location: Australia

Occupation: Electrical Fitter

Teach my two sons to respect women and to deal with anger effectively and also to never turn a blind eye to violence to women.

Ben Ryan

Location: Australia

to always stand up for the simple rights of women, including the right to live without fear of injury, whether it be mental or physical.

Nomiki Kokkinidis


Location: Australia

Occupation: Nomiki's Angelic Creations owner and donor

Helping Assist a Sista an non-profit, run by volunteers group that help assist women and children coming out of violent relationships

Edward Pollitt

Edward Pollitt

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Occupation: Graphic Designer

being eternally vigilant in looking out for people at risk of violence against women.

Kylie Traill


Location: Australia

Occupation: family day care worker

speaking up when people disparage women, or question what ‘she did’ to perpetuate violence or feelings of anger in someone else.

Shawn Willis


Location: Australia

Occupation: Disability Worker

Being prepared to stand beside people who have been victimized by violence and ensuring that they know where to turn for help.

Ilona harker


Location: Australia

Occupation: writer

talking to my teenage son and his friends about healthy ways to express anger and let them know about the millions of kind, aware men who do

Thomas Hendry


Location: Australia

Striving to take sole responsibility for my own mental illness and behaviour in order to prevent it from impacting on the lives of others

Owen Shepherd

Location: Australia

Occupation: Teacher

being an active leader in my community on how to treat women respectfully and fairly.

Thomas Sharpe

Location: Australia

Occupation: University Student

Educate myself about the impacts of violence against women, and remain respectful towards women in not only my actions, but in my thoughts.