Juliana Camargo Sacheto

Location: Brazil

Teaching all women to be strong and courageous with any kind of violence against her.

Leisa Perch

Location: Brazil

Occupation: Policy Specialist

Lending a hand and shoulder to women coping with violence; Promoting gender and conflict responsiveness in disaster and CC responses

Wagner do Valle


Location: Brazil

Occupation: Radialista

Combater a violência contra a mulher, através meu trabalho de radialista.



Location: Brazil

Occupation: estudante

Divulgar e propagar a paz e o respeito, ajudar os necessitados e defender sempre a vida

Isabella Manducci


Location: Brazil

Occupation: student

End with violence against women and sexism.

Ilan Cuperstein

Location: Brazil

respect women as they should be respected as citizens with full and equal rights and to question sexist attitudes in society and myself.



Location: Brazil

Occupation: Programmer

Challenging sexism anywhere I see – wherever someone makes a sexist remark, I’ll reply and call that person out

Breno Espósito

Location: Brazil

Occupation: Professor

never stop to talk about the absurdities committed against women.