Julie Orth


Location: Canada

Occupation: Manager

talking to my daughters and empowering them with knowledge, self esteem (and self defense)

Dijon Milow-Russell

Location: Georgia, United States

Occupation: License Entrepreneur

Respecting women of all creed and nations

Jon Bracken

Location: Canada

Occupation: Manager

Ensuring my two sons, though my words and actions, grow up treating everyone in their lives with dignity and respect.

Connor Sattely


Location: Switzerland

Occupation: Student, entrepreneur

throughout my life, not silencing my own voice in the face of ignorance or hate; in everything I do empower others to oppose VAW.

Terrence Lister


Location: Canada

Occupation: Business Owner

by challenging the men I know to do the same and commit to it.

Andrew Voss

Location: Alabama, United States

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Teaching those I can reach and defending those who cannot defend themselves.

Chris Chavez


Location: New York, United States

Occupation: social enterprise pro

Connect with the women in my life to listen and record their stories about their role in the community to pass down to my children.


Location: India

Occupation: Business

I promise to ring the bell by devoting my time towards the women empowered in states of india.

Anuj Uppal

Location: New Jersey, United States

Occupation: Executive

Spreading the message to my children, whose awareness of the issue can ensure the next generation helps see the end to this brutality.

Aisha Pandor

Location: South Africa

Occupation: Geneticist and management consultant

Joining organisations that act to prevent violence against women and children, speaking out against this scourge myself whenever I can