Leonard Statz

Location: Canada

Occupation: lawyer

Challenging men to speak out against violence against women and to remove from their lexicon words and phrases that perpetuate subjugation

Dr Elizabeth Evenden


Location: Massachusetts, United States

Occupation: University Lecturer

providing students with the skills to articulate their rights when they take stand against gender inequality & violence within our society.

Paul Milnes


Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: IT Consultant

Opposing any and every instance of harassment whenever and wherever I see or hear it, and to engage men in the debate.

Emily Dunn-Wilder


Location: Washington, United States

Occupation: student

spreading healthy sexual and relationship information to my peers, specifically the boys, and opening up pathways of communication.

Ben Ryan

Location: Australia

to always stand up for the simple rights of women, including the right to live without fear of injury, whether it be mental or physical.

anjalee jha

Location: India

Occupation: homemaker

awakening a woman going through the domestic violence. the day she comes out of abusive and traumatic marriage i will be happiest.

ecra cybil


Location: Pakistan

Occupation: student

spreading my ideas my school of thoughts on the society issues ,problems and crisis ans specially on women rights through different ways….

Saswati Banerjee

Location: India

Occupation: service

I promise to fight against the women harassment in work place in India.

Ray Battams


Location: Canada

Occupation: barista/storyteller

telling people every 911 that more people die from domestic violence every year than in the attacks of 911. My aunt was murdered on 911 1985

Maheshwari Natarajan


Location: India

Occupation: student

by spreading words from my blog, facebook page and take a stand against domestic violence