Ludo Bok


Location: Netherlands

Occupation: UN staff

talking to my friends and family about gender-based violence and the importance of equal roles and opportunities for men and women

Marc Lepage


Location: Ethiopia

Occupation: KM advisor

making sure all female, colleagues as well as contractors, are treated with the respect they deserve

Boaz Paldi


Location: Alabama, United States

Occupation: UNDP

to promote gender equality in all aspects of life

Josephat Mutale


Location: Zambia

Occupation: Program Officer

I promise to ring the bell by promoting harassement free work environment and participate in advancing gender equality equality

Ferdinand Strobel


Location: Fiji

Occupation: Programme specialist (Health & Development)

Influence my peers and teach kids who look up to me that strong men respect women—and walk the talk

Geoffrey Prewitt


Location: Egypt

Occupation: United Nations

Continuing to refute any form of harassment/violence against women and illustrating that the world is a better place with equality for all.

Fida Hussain


Location: Pakistan

Occupation: Programme Manager

I promise to ring the bell, same as Allah did by Gifting His Holy Muhammad (PBUH) with an Ever promising daughter

Dr.Gilbert Hiawalyer

Location: Papua New Guinea

Occupation: MD

I promise to Ring the Bell to push for prevention of gender based violence and push for gender equality in my work environment.

Iheoma Obibi


Location: Nigeria

Occupation: Writer

Ensuring that I am not silent when I come across violence against women; and educating my son about the importance of gender equality

Sivasuthan Ramanathan

Location: Sri Lanka

Occupation: Programme officer

I will ensure harassment free working environment in my working place and ensure the women rights through my programmes.