Location: Nigeria

Occupation: Accountant

Fighting against maltreatment of humans especially the orphans.

Neil Roy


Location: Canada

Occupation: banker

ensuring that all women in my community are respected and protected. I will ensure that there is no discrimination against women.

Ram Prasad Dalmia

Location: India

Occupation: Chartered Accountant

I promise to ring the bell by: I promise to speak for the violence against victims.

Vijay Laknidhi

Occupation: Manager at Deloitte & Touche

doing what I can to end violence against women. Specifically, I promise to support two organizations. One in New York that is working on women’s issues globally and second, from afar, I promise to support and donate to an organization in India that is working on gender equality, policy and advocacy to support the Indian spring of people rising up for women’s rights in India.

Richard Usher

Location: Arizona, United States

Occupation: Insurance Broker

Promoting every opportunity for women and girls and being totally intolerant of any violence and inequity against all women.

Sonia F.


Location: Arizona, United States

Occupation: insurance

Helping women to understand it is not their fault, and to speak out when abuse happens to them.

Tim Viggars


Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: Bank Advisor

Making sure my partner never has cause to feel anything but safe and protected in our home and to spread that mentality to all we know.

Derek Bondurant


Location: District of Columbia, United States

Occupation: Economic consulting

treating all women that I know with the respect that they deserve. Violence against women is never an option.

Sachin Chiramel

Location: Michigan, United States

Occupation: Banker

Challenge internet commentators in India (my home country) who disrespect women or girls

Benjamin Baker

Location: Australia

Occupation: Accountant

Being a role model to young Men, that the best way to prevent violence against women is to not be violent to them…