Peterson Magoola


Location: Papua New Guinea

Occupation: Programme Specialists

Challenging the status quo that has deprived women of their rights, and continue to promote gender equality, and be a champion to STOP VAW

George Philis


Location: Cyprus

Occupation: International Educator

telling little girls THEY can decide what they want to be when they grow up!

Victoria Nwogu


Location: Somalia

Occupation: UN Staff

teaching my sons that boys and girls are equally important; and to be respectful, considerate and tolerant to everyone – male or female.

Scott Lockett

Location: Ohio, United States

Fight hatred, discrimination and violence against women!



Location: Ghana

Occupation: Food Scientist, Natural Resources and Environment Specialist

Ensuring that any future agenda includes mainstreaming gender concerns in institutions and especially sensitising men at the workplace, town

Ibrahim Otun

Location: Alabama, United States

Occupation: Manager

Gender nutral sensitivity training against violence towards weak or perceived weak is very important.

Conrad Rogers

Location: Canada

Occupation: Teacher

educating my children and my students about respect and equality for women.

Hamdi Al-Kawas


Location: Saudi Arabia

Occupation: Mechatronics Engineer

Protecting the women rights, and that there are no Different between the man and the women at the end we are all we are the human being ^_^

Ivan Zverzhanovski


Location: Serbia and Montenegro

Occupation: SEESAC Coordinator, UNDP

promoting women’s role in security & educating my sons about the importance of gender equality and standing-up to violence against women


Location: Nigeria

Occupation: Accountant

Fighting against maltreatment of humans especially the orphans.