Jaye Miller

Location: New York, United States

Occupation: child advocate/mom

Modeling 4 youth strong role models r more important; proliferated myths re: the ‘dadless’ r rooted n gender bias, sexism, & mysogny.

Edward Zeauskas

Location: Maryland, United States

Occupation: Student

I promise to Ring the Bell by changing the patterns of thought, and normative roles portrayed by men and women.

Richa Rudola


Location: New York, United States

challenging socio-cultural gender stereotypes and supporting women that face discrimination within their ethnic communities in the workplace


Location: Rhode Island, United States

Occupation: Student

Challenging existing gender stereotypes


Location: India

Occupation: Social activist

Encouraging and challenging more and more men to fight for gender justice

Bob King

Location: Germany

Occupation: Teacher

Educating my students about the self-destructiveness that can occur with the violence toward and subjugation of women.

Emily Mann

Location: Pennsylvania, United States

Continuing to speak out to those who choose not to acknowledge women human beings.

Carlin Whitehouse


Location: Maine, United States

Occupation: Educator

Modeling and promoting a strong, healthy masculinity that is aware of privilege and strives to nurture truth and justice.

Patrick Moctezuma

Location: Virginia, United States

Occupation: IT Analyst

Publically and politically support legislation and behavior that treats women as complete equals, and empowers them to excel.

Martin Lysén

Location: Sweden

Occupation: Teacher

By engaging people around me in discussion of gender roles and equality. By calling people on bullshit in these areas.