Thibault Devanlay

Location: New York, United States

Occupation: Diplomat

Continuing to defend a gender perspective and gender mainstreaming in the work of the United Nations, so as to commit governments

Rakesh Kumar

Location: India

Occupation: govt service

My presence at which ever place iam.. to put an end to the violence against women… lets come together tp end it.

Oscar Ramirez


Location: Ecuador

Occupation: Diplomat

never raising a hand or voice against my wife or daughters and by working to prevent all forma of gender violence

Gareth Burfoot

Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: Government worker

standing beside any woman who needs my help no matter who she is and by teaching my fellow men that violence against women unacceptable

Andrew Wilfred

Location: Singapore

Occupation: Government Officer

Challenging any one that presents an argument for victim shaming and helping them see the error of their ways.

Greg Greensides

Location: Canada

Occupation: Customs Broker

To make sure things are not forgotten.

Brad Lander


Location: New York, United States

Occupation: Elected Official

passing stronger laws to end violence against women, training to turn bystanders into allies & raising my kids to work for peace & justice.

Nate Williams

Location: Indiana, United States

Occupation: public service

I will teach my children to respect women and all people for that matter. I will stand up to any of my friends that disrespect women.

Ryan Calbick


Location: Canada

Occupation: Civil Service

Challenge friends or internet commenters who disrespect women or girls.

Max Daniel Kaufmann, Jr.

Location: Maine, United States

Occupation: State Gov't.

I will join my State’s Governor, Paul LePage’s, campaign to end the domestic violence, and violence against women!