Stephen James Minton

Location: Ireland

Occupation: University lecturer

continuing in my professional work, which concerns the prevention of and dealing with bullying and violence in schools and communities.

Johnn Ruddy


Location: Ireland

Occupation: Community Worker

never letting an opportunity pass to speak up for equality, challenge misogyny and support men to be better men.

Bibi Jandoo


Location: Ireland

Occupation: Advocacy worker

Identify women and children at risk.Early intervention & prevention strategies to reduce D Violence and strengthen Justice System respond.

Charlie Clarke


Location: Ireland

Occupation: Seller Support Associate

Always cherishing my wife and daughter and all females that I know in my life. I will defend and help any woman or girl in difficulty

Stephen James Minton

Location: Ireland

Occupation: Psychologist

continuing to work against bullying, violence and prejudice in my professional capacity, and in any personal capacity I can, too.

John O’Dwyer

Location: Ireland

Talking to other men about feminism and challenging sexism everywhere.

Ian Murphy

Location: Ireland

Challenging pre-conceptions in my own, rural, community towards women, and any perceived limitations applied to them.

Peter Lodge

Location: Ireland

Occupation: Musician

I promise to fight violence against women townwide, nationwide and worldwide, wherever I may be.

Kevin Lyda

Location: Ireland

Occupation: Geek

Supporting friends hurt by domestic violence and opposing acceptance of violence.