Antje Pfahl


Location: India

Occupation: Freelance PR Consultant

speaking up against any form of discrimination against women. I rang the bell twice and educate friends to do the same. #EndVAW #ringthebell

Rekha Dhyani

Location: India

Occupation: Marketing

I promise to Ring the Bell by fighting Domestic Violence and Child Abuse.

Alison James


Location: Colorado, United States

Occupation: ad rater

Raising awareness of emotional and mental abuse, the unseen violence and often overlooked form of abuse against women.

Adam Hobel

Location: Alabama, United States

Occupation: PR intern

Respect all friends and coworkers outside and in the workplace and to find a disruption when I see a man being violent towards a woman

Megan Phillips


Location: Colorado, United States

Occupation: event planner

speaking out against violence and prejudice towards women and children.

Grace Dolan


Location: California, United States

Occupation: mobile advertising

raising awareness of the violence, inequality and inspirational stories of women who have overcome all odds. We can do this together!

Jessica Derkis


Location: Ohio, United States

Occupation: Marketing

Speaking up! I promise to share my story growing up with violence, how it has affected my relationships & all that I’ve had to overcome.



Location: India

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Empowering and educating woman against domestic and other violence.

Indrani Samajpati


Location: India

Occupation: Marketing Professional

being strong enough to stand up for injustice and being vocal about any such incidents. I promise to start acting today.

David Copeland

Location: Missouri, United States

Occupation: marketing

living the example, influencing young males to become good men, and always providing a sanctuary for those in need.