Victoria Nwogu


Location: Somalia

Occupation: UN Staff

teaching my sons that boys and girls are equally important; and to be respectful, considerate and tolerant to everyone – male or female.

Salma Ashraf Elbatran


Location: Egypt

Occupation: coordinator

I promise to ring the bell by : raising my children isa how to respect women in the world

Miriam Bland

Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: student

teaching my son that domestic abuse is not acceptable

Katy Cordice

Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: Mummy

Speaking out, sharing that shame and silence with never stop the violence.

Angela Barbosa

Location: Alabama, United States

raising my daughter to be a healthy, confident woman who tolerates nothing less than being respected and honored by any man in her life.

Lori Borg

Location: Wisconsin, United States

Occupation: Special Event Coordinator

not being afraid to speak out against violence, and teach my young son and daughter to be advocates for peace.

anjalee jha

Location: India

Occupation: homemaker

awakening a woman going through the domestic violence. the day she comes out of abusive and traumatic marriage i will be happiest.

Susan Nicholson

Location: New Zealand

Occupation: Analyst

Raising my son’s to oppose rape culture.

Dohra Ahmad

Location: New York, United States

Occupation: professor

teaching my daughters to stand up for themselves.


Location: California, United States

Occupation: Mom

Raising my sons to respect girls/women, modeling respectful behavior towards them as their mother and treating their father with respect.