Viola Okolie

Location: Nigeria

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Spreading the word that VAW limits individuals and societies.

Albert Okolie

Location: Nigeria

Occupation: pilot

Teaching young men to refrain from any form of violence/abuse directed towards women for whatever reason

Iheoma Obibi


Location: Nigeria

Occupation: Writer

Ensuring that I am not silent when I come across violence against women; and educating my son about the importance of gender equality

Elohor T. Okoro Williams

Location: Nigeria

Occupation: Counsellor

Speaking out for other victims, because i couldn’t speak as a wife.Using the media and personal effort to heal women helping them cope fast.

Flora Iziegbe Omofonma


Location: Nigeria

Occupation: real estate

spreading awareness to respect women and being always ready to help women fight against violence.

Adekunle Theophilius

Location: Nigeria

Occupation: Labour educator/human rights advocate

speaking against and advancing non violence against women and leading by example to speak out against all forms of violence