Neil Roy


Location: Canada

Occupation: banker

ensuring that all women in my community are respected and protected. I will ensure that there is no discrimination against women.

Estanislau Salsinha Martins

Location: East Timor

Occupation: Professional

I promise to ring the bell: to ensure respect for Human beings Men and Women alike; both deserve decent and healthy relationships.

Steven Channing


Location: Canada

Occupation: retired

encouraging my grandsons to grow with the proper respect for all women.

Stefonknee (Paul) Wolscht


Location: Canada

Occupation: mechanic

Deconstructing gender binary labels, so every female (Cis & Trans) is respected, protected and honored in mind, body and spirit everywhere.

Simon Watkins


Location: Australia

Occupation: Electrical Fitter

Teach my two sons to respect women and to deal with anger effectively and also to never turn a blind eye to violence to women.

Harold E. Kelly, Jr


Location: Tennessee, United States

Occupation: Community Organizer

Promise to talk to my brothers about respect for women. Promise to talk to women about my respect for them and their respect for themselves.

Elliot Jones


Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: Student

always treating women – whether it be my mother ; sisters ; partner or friends – with both love and respect, which is a birthright for ALL.

Pablo Nieves

Location: Puerto Rico

Occupation: Muiscian

Spreading awareness to respect women and ready to help women fight against violence.

Adam Hobel

Location: Alabama, United States

Occupation: PR intern

Respect all friends and coworkers outside and in the workplace and to find a disruption when I see a man being violent towards a woman


Location: India

Occupation: Consultant

teaching young boys to respect women and teaching young girls to kick some boy ass.