Christopher David Ekstrom


Location: Utah, United States

Occupation: pizzamaker

Being There For My Pregnant Girlfriend Annette For Our Son On The Way For Them My Sisters My Mother And Female Friends And Family

Matthew Duane

Location: Texas, United States

Occupation: Master Plumber

Always taking the time to ask someone who appears to need help if they are ok.And make sure young men respect all women. Just be kind!

Edward Lafleur

Location: Canada

Occupation: transit driver

calling people on putdowns using “woman” or “fag” or calling something or someone “gay”

Stefonknee (Paul) Wolscht


Location: Canada

Occupation: mechanic

Deconstructing gender binary labels, so every female (Cis & Trans) is respected, protected and honored in mind, body and spirit everywhere.

Simon Watkins


Location: Australia

Occupation: Electrical Fitter

Teach my two sons to respect women and to deal with anger effectively and also to never turn a blind eye to violence to women.

Dave Billingsley


Location: California, United States

Occupation: Fisherman

Making all acquaintances aware that I am available to enlist any resources necessary to freely shepherd women and children to safety.

Alesha Workman


Location: Wisconsin, United States

Occupation: Reatail Packaging

introducing a program called Coaching Boys Into Men to the local schools in the area. And by talking to my 16 year old son.

Scott O’hara


Location: New Zealand

Occupation: Auto Tech

being caring and mindful and never look the other way.

Allen Stanley

Location: Texas, United States

Occupation: AC repair

Men have a responsibility to be strong when others can’t be and to protect the people. We will be strong role models for those around us.

Kevin Friesen


Location: Canada

Occupation: Roofer

Raising my family with the love of Christ, who instructs us men to love our wives as Christ loved the church and laid his life down for her.