Iheoma Obibi


Location: Nigeria

Occupation: Writer

Ensuring that I am not silent when I come across violence against women; and educating my son about the importance of gender equality

Sharon D’Agostino

Location: New Jersey, United States

Adding my voice to advocate for an END to violence against women & girls and to reach out to help those I believe May need my help.

Gert Danielsen


Location: Norway

Occupation: Democratic Governance Specialist, UNDP

standing up and speaking out against #violence against women and men, also encouraging new roles for men and less societal pressure

Leonard Statz

Location: Canada

Occupation: lawyer

Challenging men to speak out against violence against women and to remove from their lexicon words and phrases that perpetuate subjugation

Andrew Russell


Location: New York, United States

Occupation: UN Development Coordinator, Kosovo

Educate myself & talk about the impact of violence against women and support our UN partners in Kosovo working to end gender-based violence.

Paul Milnes


Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: IT Consultant

Opposing any and every instance of harassment whenever and wherever I see or hear it, and to engage men in the debate.

Vinita Jain

Location: Oregon, United States

Occupation: software engineer

speaking up against any thought, belief or action that is causing trouble to a girl’s personal freedom in her life.

Daniel S. Liuzzi


Location: New York, United States

Not being a bystander, not watching and saying “that’s terrible.” and walking away but instead, speak up or shout if I have to.

Katy Cordice

Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: Mummy

Speaking out, sharing that shame and silence with never stop the violence.

Ram Prasad Dalmia

Location: India

Occupation: Chartered Accountant

I promise to ring the bell by: I promise to speak for the violence against victims.