John Chibuye

Location: Zambia

Occupation: Sports Director

I promise to ring the Bell email,phoneand cell

Jayadev Menon


Location: India

Occupation: Coach / Trainer

creating awareness on the subject and doing what’s possible to stop violence against women.

Akwasi Frimpong


Location: Utah, United States

Occupation: Professional athlete

end violence against woman now…

Michael Bullock

Location: Rhode Island, United States

teaching kids that women and girls deserve respect starting with my own little soccer teams. Showing adults that I do respect my girls always

Tom Goldcamp

Location: Oklahoma, United States

Occupation: swim coach

1. teach kids that strong men respect women. 2. challenge friends AND internet commenters who disrespect women and/or girls.

Cody Walper

Location: Colorado, United States

Occupation: Professional Mixed Martial Artist

Standing up for women in any and every way possible. Whether that’s placing myself in harm’s way, or simply filing a report. This needs to end.