What you can do

Make a promise to help end violence against women. Here are some examples to get you started:

“I promise to… ”

      • Teach kids who look up to me that strong men respect women—and walk the talk.
      • Challenge friends or internet commenters who disrespect women or girls.
      • Interrupt violence by causing a distraction or finding an excuse to ring the doorbell.
      • Push for anti-harassment trainings and policies at my job.
      • Treat all friends and coworkers with equal respect, no matter their gender identity or beliefs.
      • Stop and do my best to assist when I see someone who needs help in my community.
      • Respect the women in my household.
      • Share on my social networks in support of the safety of women.
      • Donate money, skills, or other assets to those working for women’s safety.
      • Educate myself about the impact of violence against women.
      • Support political candidates committed to women’s rights and equality.
      • Stand by women who share their encounters with violence.

 Make your promise here!

Share your promise through social media and ask others to make theirs:


Other fun things you can do:

      • E-mail us for free stickers to put up around your neighborhood!
      • Watch and share our videos asking men to stand up against violence against women.
      • Download the One million men. One million promises logo and make it your Facebook profile photo or make our banner your cover photo.
      • Sign up for updates on the Ring the Bell campaign.

4 thoughts on “What you can do

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  2. On behalf of Dolphin Anti rape and AIDS Control Outreach an organization that is empowering women,girls and boys with sexual violence prevention strategies also engages boys and men to help change some of their negative attitudes,norms and behaviors towards women and girls so that they be part of the solution and not the problem.

    In Kenya we have directly reached over 500,000 boys and men. What is needed now is adequate support to reach more boys and men through schools,colleges and community forums.

  3. Me comprometo a enseñar con el ejemplo a los niños y niñas que las personas somos felices cuando somos respetados, tanto hombre como mujeres, que no debemos ser indiferentes cuando una mujer es abusada o maltratada, me comprometo a tocar la campana.

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