Pierre Shantz


Location: Canada

Occupation: Human Rights

I am working to have violence against women become a hate crime such as violence people of color or people from the LGTBQ community.

Ray Battams


Location: Canada

Occupation: barista/storyteller

telling people every 911 that more people die from domestic violence every year than in the attacks of 911. My aunt was murdered on 911 1985

Armando Perla

Location: Canada

Occupation: Curator

I work as a curator for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. My promise is to bringing the campaign through the exhibits of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, where I am a curator, and present the issue of violence against women as part of the violation of human rights.

Victor Rouleau

Location: Canada

Occupation: On-Line Editor

Continuing to support and encourage women to stand up for their rights.

Cynthia Mountain

Location: Canada

to speak up when I see a woman or girl bullied or in a hurtful controlling situation by another

Julie Orth


Location: Canada

Occupation: Manager

talking to my daughters and empowering them with knowledge, self esteem (and self defense)

Jon Bracken

Location: Canada

Occupation: Manager

Ensuring my two sons, though my words and actions, grow up treating everyone in their lives with dignity and respect.

Michael Quincy Adams

Location: Canada

Occupation: Construction Site Supervisor

Always upholding the sanctity of any womans rights, beliefs, and feelings by never treating them as less, inferior or sub-human

Dennis Kondratev


Location: Canada

Occupation: Father

Raising my son and daughter in a home where violence is discussed – not resorted to. Dennis’ inspiration behind making a promise to Ring the Bell: “I became a father two-and-a-half years ago when my daughter was born. Two weeks ago, I was once again fortunate to witness the birth of my son and I now see firsthand how from day 1 boys and girls are treated differently. Despite my best intentions, I too sometimes fall into the trap of unconsciously treating my son differently from my daughter. While I want my kids to have a complete freedom to discover themselves and choose their own paths in life, I am also cognizant that how I treat and interact with them will have a profound impact and leave indelible mark on their lives. This absolutely scares me and at the same time energizes me to press on with what will be surely a wild ride.”

Conrad Rogers

Location: Canada

Occupation: Teacher

Raising my sons and teaching the young men in my classes that all people, women and girls especially, are to be treated with respect.