Dennis Kondratev


Location: Canada

Occupation: Father

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I promise to ring the bell by:

Raising my son and daughter in a home where violence is discussed – not resorted to.

Dennis’ inspiration behind making a promise to Ring the Bell:

“I became a father two-and-a-half years ago when my daughter was born. Two weeks ago, I was once again fortunate to witness the birth of my son and I now see firsthand how from day 1 boys and girls are treated differently. Despite my best intentions, I too sometimes fall into the trap of unconsciously treating my son differently from my daughter. While I want my kids to have a complete freedom to discover themselves and choose their own paths in life, I am also cognizant that how I treat and interact with them will have a profound impact and leave indelible mark on their lives. This absolutely scares me and at the same time energizes me to press on with what will be surely a wild ride.”

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