Christopher David Ekstrom


Location: Utah, United States

Occupation: pizzamaker

Being There For My Pregnant Girlfriend Annette For Our Son On The Way For Them My Sisters My Mother And Female Friends And Family

Peter Otieno Khayombe


Location: Kenya

Occupation: Public Health Consultant

Train my two little daughters and colleagues to speak out strongly against violence on girls and women

Rajiv Chopra

Location: India

teaching my kids about this, and helping friends and people who are the subject of such abuse. I shall support this initiative

Conrad Rogers

Location: Canada

Occupation: Teacher

educating my children and my students about respect and equality for women.

Mriganko Bhattacharjee


Location: Bangladesh

Occupation: Development manager

encouraging my 12 years old son and his mates on how to behave women with respect and dignity

Patrick M. Dooley II

Location: Texas, United States

Teaching my sons to love affectionately, to refuse the lover fighter dichotomy, and to model this in my relationship with my Wife

Thomas O’Connor Ryan


Location: Wisconsin, United States

Occupation: Human

conquering my fear and pain rather than letting it rule me. No wife should fear her husband, and no child should fear their father.

Joseph LaBelle


Location: Washington, United States

Teaching my daughter how to have the strength to never accept abuse and by speaking out at every opportunity against domestic violence.

Simon Watkins


Location: Australia

Occupation: Electrical Fitter

Teach my two sons to respect women and to deal with anger effectively and also to never turn a blind eye to violence to women.

Anthony Edgmon

Location: Texas, United States

promise to teach my kids that violence is not the way to go whether it be at home or at school