Francisco Millà i Martínez


Location: Spain

Occupation: Sociology student

Honrar a mi madre denunciando la opresión de la patriarquía y las distintas formas de maltrato físico, emocional, cultural e institutcional.


Location: India

Occupation: Doctor To Stop Violence Against Women, A women should become true friend of the other women first and not only this, but a women should try to understand the pain, feelings of the other women. They should stop encouraging the opposite sex to do wrong things with other females. If the society wants to stop voilence against women completely tthen first they should change themselves and to make changes in our law, because in our society their is one sided law the result is every where any one can see many womens taking the advantage of “ONE SIDED” biased law and making the life hell for simple families.

anjalee jha

Location: India

Occupation: homemaker

awakening a woman going through the domestic violence. the day she comes out of abusive and traumatic marriage i will be happiest.

Keval Pankaj Nagda

keval pankaj

Location: India

Occupation: Student

Fighting against domestic inhumanity ,human trafficking ,women & child abuse ,worst law & order of India AND prostitution +etc

Randall Winston

Location: New Jersey, United States

Occupation: PhD Student

constantly interrogating my male privilege, which is a never-ending process, and it should be a never-ending process. I think violence and denigration of women really violates and denigrates us all so we really need to put a stop to it, as soon as possible.

Armando Perla

Location: Canada

Occupation: Curator

I work as a curator for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. My promise is to bringing the campaign through the exhibits of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, where I am a curator, and present the issue of violence against women as part of the violation of human rights.

Emanuela Neagu


Location: California, United States

Speaking out for victims, building awareness and working hard to change the culture of violence against women.

Nicolas Carra


Location: New York, United States

Occupation: Student

Fighting against patriarchy, misogyny and objectification of women first on myself so later on I can encourage other men to do the same

Kylie Traill


Location: Australia

Occupation: family day care worker

speaking up when people disparage women, or question what ‘she did’ to perpetuate violence or feelings of anger in someone else.

Sue Spuehler

Location: California, United States

fostering self-worth and strength in my girls, and using my voice to challenge rape culture.