Daniel Daggett


Location: Michigan, United States

Speaking up when I see others supporting a culture of violence against women.

Susan Nicholson

Location: New Zealand

Occupation: Analyst

Raising my son’s to oppose rape culture.

Andrew Wilfred

Location: Singapore

Occupation: Government Officer

Challenging any one that presents an argument for victim shaming and helping them see the error of their ways.

Richa Rudola


Location: New York, United States

challenging socio-cultural gender stereotypes and supporting women that face discrimination within their ethnic communities in the workplace

David Schwab

Location: Canada

Occupation: Senior Software Developer

Calling out casual sexism by my peers, openly advocating for feminist causes, and donating to organizations that fight domestic violence.

Donovan Dorrance

Location: North Carolina, United States

Occupation: Student

promoting an environment that does not tolerate disrespect towards women in jest, on the internet or in daily conversation.

Gary Negbaur


Location: New York, United States

Occupation: musician

reminding those around me that changing the culture can change behaviors for generations to come.

Shane Solanki


Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: writer

consistently reminding men of their responsibility to end violence against women, and creating art and music which tells this story.

Janne Nordstedt


Location: Sweden

Occupation: Senior Advisor SRHR

To continue my work for comprehensive sexuality edu., gender equality & LGBTI-rights. And against all forms of discrimination & violence!

Irwin Oostindie


Location: Canada

Occupation: Cultural Worker

Challenging patriarchy in media, in my community; supporting other men doing the same; dumping our masculinity picking up our humanity