Mike Askew

Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: IT Consultant

Standing against violence against women and children in all forms, and at all times.

Nilesh Vasave

Location: India

Occupation: Software Consultant

helping via NGOs and authorities to stop violence against women and raising awareness and supporting girls education in India and around.

Paul Milnes


Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: IT Consultant

Opposing any and every instance of harassment whenever and wherever I see or hear it, and to engage men in the debate.

Curtis Hendricks

Location: Jamaica

Occupation: Info. Systems Officer

Holding all my friends, male and female, accountable for any comment, even in jest, that condones violence against women

Moussa Sall

Location: Mauritania

Occupation: ICT

Respecting everybody weither they are women or men and fighting any misconduct.

Vinita Jain

Location: Oregon, United States

Occupation: software engineer

speaking up against any thought, belief or action that is causing trouble to a girl’s personal freedom in her life.

Meghaditya Roy Chaudhury


Location: India

Occupation: Software Engineer

The people who are suffering inspire me every day to work harder so that I can reach out to them.a

Craig Davidson


Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: I.T. specialist

Educate my own son and everyone so they know right from wrong and to always control aggression . No one deserves to go through those

David Thompson

Location: United Kingdom

Occupation: IT

Ringing that bell, as a man, I can stop domestic violence.

Costanza Giagnoni


Location: Italy

Occupation: Google employee

spreading awareness of the status of women’s rights among RedSocksFriday movement dedicated to making a difference by following your heart.